dijous, 27 de març del 2014

Games, Videos and Stories

Good morning!

As Ivana said, we have forgotten a little bit this blog, but it was because we are so busy and we are doing lots of things! Let me show you...

Sometimes, we play games with colours and numbers for reviewing them!

We usually see some videos. We use them to review, for example, "The very hungry caterpillar" story, or for talk a little about father's day, or for discover new vocabulary with Patch.

Finally, we have discovered the Millicent Mouse story (and we will continue working on it the 3rd term) and we have discovered some animals from a POP-UP book.

See you! Bye!

dissabte, 22 de març del 2014

More animals!

English Dictionary!

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time since we haven't posted anything about our students. Well, that's because we have been busy working! 

One of our projects has been to make our own English Dictionary in order to make it easier when it comes to learning the new vocabulary. I'll explain: we have started reading The Big Story by John Escott which is just an awesome book! It is full of secrets we are about to discover and, of course, in order to do it right, we have to understand it all! So, that's when we use our Dictionary! 

I have to admit that it wasn't an easy thing to do, but anyway, it seems that the students liked the idea since they had a lot of fun.

See you soon,

dimarts, 4 de març del 2014

Clothes and food!

Good Afternoon!

Last week, we continued working on weather, but in a little different way: We tried to relate different kind of clothes with hot or cold temperature.

Finally, we reviewed different animals.

And we started a new topic: Food. We saw some flashcards and a video.

See you! Bye!