diumenge, 16 de febrer del 2014


Hello again!

Opposites are easy, but they are surely a lot. Here you have some of them: this is one of the worksheets we are about to work on. Will they be able to put them all together? We will see it next week.

Our students made a great job these last two weeks and that is why I decided to reward them with the Opposites Adjectives Game. Ask them about it and they will tell you how many cards they got! There was no winner since it was about matching the opposites after founding and collecting them. In addition, it was a great tool to put in practise everything we have been working on this month. 
Congratulations Gerard, Emma, Mireia, Marc, Fiona, Andrea and Álex! Keep working this way and soon you will know more than you thought you would. 

See you soon.

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