dimarts, 15 d’abril del 2014

3rd term

Hello everyone!

3rd term is already here! I can't believe how fast time is getting away. Anyway, we'll have time to be sad at the end of the school year, meanwhile, we'll continue having fun as well as learning as much as possible.

Nowadays everything has it's own price, right? Or, maybe, not. Let me explain you: in my opinion, knowledge cannot be measured since it has no limits. What we're about to do is purely metaphorical: we'll collect some money while playing vocabulary and grammar games in order to get to know how much we've learnt. Will they have enough money to go away for the summer or to buy something they really want? It is all on them, since only their effort will be able to raise the amount of money they have in their pockets! I will keep you in touch.

See you soon,

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