dimecres, 9 d’abril del 2014

Easter cards and more!

Hello, again!

I know it's been a day since I last updated our blog! But you should definitely see how fun it was yesterday with my babies who, by the way, are so cute, I would eat them all for breakfast. Just love them!
Well, as you can see, we made some precious Easter cards which they were able to take at home, so I guess you already have them! Anyway, it's not about the cards but their happiness! I can only be glad to have such nice students! Take a look.

And finally, here's something else about the big ones! I know I dedicated them a post yesterday, but I couldn't blow off the surprise! The thing is that I decided they deserved a present which could remind them of me and the great time we are having at our English school and, in my opinion, the most appropriate one was a bookmark- I mean, it is useful, nice and motivating. We all know how important reading is! I hope they like them and will certainly get to use them. (Better if the books are in English!).

That's all for now!
See you soon,

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