dissabte, 24 de maig del 2014

Guess how much I love you!

Hello everyone!

Guess how much I love my students! They are the reason why I love so much my job.
Take a look at the stories we are studying at the moment. They are as cute as my big babies!

First of all, we have the story of Little Red Riding Hood (Grimm's version). I must say that the one in the video is a bit more complicated than the one we read in class! Anyway, they love them both!

And, secondly, we have the story Guess how much I love you written by Sam McBratney. They really love reading it since we have the pop-up book version. Take a look, it is an amazingly cute story! 

Here you have some photos from last week! They are working on Little Red Riding Hood worksheet. I bet they enjoyed it a lot! 

That's all for now!
See you soon,

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